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Our Culture

PMAXGlobal’s culture is dynamic, cross-functional and collaborative. To run a successful global organization with multi-disciplinary specializations requires an integrative, inclusive approach—a highly connected ethos that sets the interpersonal dynamic among our team members.

We nurture our team by promoting strong communications, founded on a bedrock of understanding of what it means to be connected and working towards a common goal. We build a strong sense of accountability and responsibility among team members of all ranks.

People-Centric Organization

Taking care of our organization, our clients and stakeholders is paramount. People are number one in everything we do. We make sure that a people-centered culture of service is felt not only in our intra-organizational dealings, but more importantly when we service our numerous clients, partners and stakeholders. This is how we build durable relationships. Everyone in the organization goes the extra mile.

The rich collaborative environment stems from hiring experts from different backgrounds and relevant fields. You will find top talent working together in shared tasks, enhancing the efficiency of operations and delivering powerful results. These experts bring unique skill sets to the table that fuel creative solutions and enhance processes and delivery of our product.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At PMAXGlobal, we believe in expanding our positive impact to the greater community. Our employees are all valued team members, and as such are given the chance to engage in worthwhile pursuits by offering their skills through community service and outreach activities as part of our corporate social responsibility (CSR) program. Our people get to expand their pursuits and contribute their talent and time in meaningful ways. They are encouraged to work towards a well-rounded experience that provides a sense of fulfillment beyond corporate work.

Their valued efforts enhance team solidarity, and promote our vision of being a company that nurtures people from all walks of life and works toward the betterment of society.

Employee Rewards and Recognition

Our supportive managers drive a people-centric culture that allows for rewarding career progression among those who have the passion to excel. Our various incentives set in place are designed to improve overall performance of the company as well as make the experience of working with us highly gratifying. Aspects of performance management, merit increase, internal promotions, and purposeful team building programs reinforce the people-based aspect of our success. PMAXGlobal treats all team members with importance and equal opportunity to move forward with their career goals with the company.

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PMAXGlobal is one of the fastest growing BPO (Business Processing Outsourcing) and CPO (Clinical Processing Outsourcing) companies in the world, and the fastest growing in the Philippines. We provide a variety of services for healthcare and non-healthcare clients with both back office and voice support.



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