Healthcare Billing

Demographic Entry

Our well-established processes enable swift, timely and accurate data entry from patient demographic sheets. We practice maximum efficiency in every step:

Filing – Speedy and accurate filing by top-trained medical billing professionals sent to payers within client’s working hours.

Batching – Batched data relayed by administrative offices for demographic entry.

Review – We review each data entry and conduct the necessary steps to verify each data point client verification and retrieval of missing data.

Error-proofing – We conduct further necessary accuracy reviews and controls pre-entry.

Charge Entry – All medical codes for services and procedures linked to the patient’s visit are effectively recorded. Our team ensures an excellent level of charge entry accuracy that guarantees accurate cash flows and timeliness in payments.


We process healthcare claims for US Medical Service Providers. We accommodate a variety of organizations and independent practices. In addition, we are capable of providing HIPAA-compliant services to assure you of fully US-standardized results.

HIPAA-compliant: Regulation-compliant standard of service

Customer-centric Service: Our agents provide added value to your business through our excellent customer response.

Accounts Receivables (AR): Our Accounts Receivable Department makes sure that revenues for services billed by our clients, doctors and clinics, are reimbursed as expected by collaborating with payors both government and commercial, insurance representatives and patients or guarantors to resolve outstanding obligations in a fair and timely manner.

Payment Posting

Process of reviewing explanation of benefit forms ( EOB’s ) and Electronic remittance Advise (ERA) that is paid either via paper checks or electronic funds transfers from healthcare insurance payers / carriers. This entails not only posting the money received but as well as direct or indirect adjustments, patient responsibilities, denials codes and collection forwarded payments. There are too client centric write offs and adjustments and may differ per client, state and or region.
PMAX Global Payment Posting Department ensures that payments are accurately posted to practice management system(S), records batch total, balance batches and run transaction reports, verifies all EFT deposits and scanned checks have been posted by month end and properly communicates and documents payment denials in the practice management system to the appropriate billing representative in a timely manner.


PMAXGlobal is one of the fastest growing BPO (Business Processing Outsourcing) and CPO (Clinical Processing Outsourcing) companies in the world, and the fastest growing in the Philippines. We provide a variety of services for healthcare and non-healthcare clients with both back office and voice support.



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