Medical Coding


PMAXGlobal offers extensive and specialized coding services across all medical practice settings. We provide custom solutions to meet all your coding needs, from ongoing services to occasional overflow resources. Our highly qualified coders are AAPC certified with clinical experience and background. PMAXGlobal has extensive experience and knowledge in all medical practice settings.

What We Do

Source Coding
Documentation Review & Optimization
Educational Trainings for healthcare professionals

Improve documentation and reimbursement through our customized provider educational tools.

Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI)

PMAXGlobal’s CDI specialists ensure data accuracy, clarity and specificity of provider documentation. We improve the accuracy of coded diagnoses and procedures allowing for better patient care, greater patient safety, and accurate reimbursement for providers.

Charge Capture Audits

Avoid compliance problems and maximize your ROI with PMAXGlobal’s efficient and human-driven charge capture auditing services. We help you track financial issues, identify documentation errors, and other potential gaps in the process.

Our familiarity with data systems, support software, and automated auditing programs saves you time and effort in orientation and integration. At PMAXGlobal, we have the resources and expertise to bring your organization to the next level by strengthening your financial audit processes and ensuring that issues are addressed with immediacy to maximize your profitability.

E/M Chart Reviews

PMAXGlobal is your partner in ensuring that all your data is accurate, protecting your practice and business, and avoid the risk of audits and the potential loss of missed revenue.


  • Hospitals (Facility and Outpatient)
  • ER
  • Family Practice
  • Specialty Clinics
  • Urgent Care
  • Surgery Centers
  • Air Ambulance
  • Anesthesia

Expertise & Quality

PMAXGlobal is dedicated to maintaining 97% accuracy rate. Our coding experts have specialized training with clinical backgrounds, allowing PMAXGlobal to offer more accurate and effective documentation.

PMAXGlobal follows U.S. standards and training to offer the highest quality services. Coders receive quarterly training on CMS/CPT or OIG updates. We offer both AAPC and AHIMA training and use certified instructors through AAPC. We have Specialized Facility and Outpatient teams that drive faster turnaround time (TAT).


PMAXGlobal is one of the fastest growing BPO (Business Processing Outsourcing) and CPO (Clinical Processing Outsourcing) companies in the world, and the fastest growing in the Philippines. We provide a variety of services for healthcare and non-healthcare clients with both back office and voice support.



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